Abandoned By Bears + Elm Tree Circle at Die Trompete / Bochum

Date(s) - Fr 16.03.2018

Die Trompete

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Abandoned By Bears + Elm Tree Circle

Die Trompete Bochum
Einlass: 21:00Uhr

All great things have humble beginnings and Abandoned By Bears is no exception. Sharing the same love of music, bass player Gustav Eriksson and singer Fredric Andersson met in early 2012 with a mutual passion to create energetic, aggressive yet fun, digestible music. “We started to play with the intention to mix the dynamics from hardcore and metal music with the tone and feel you get from pop punk,” mused Gustav about the ideas that lead to the bands formation out of Gothenburg, Sweden.

With the fusion of electronics and classy pop-punk, ABANDONED BY BEARS were not limited by the frames music is typically written. “We don’t follow the norm or what is right or wrong, we follow what we think sounds good. Our songwriting process is very unorthodox in a way, since we record everything ourselves, we can basically decide when we want to record and that gives us a type of freedom which shines through in the songs. All of us have the ability to play and understand each others instruments, so everyone writes, whether it’d be melodies, lyrics, guitar leads or drum fills.”

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